Administration is responsible for  the safekeeping of records, recording council meeting minutes, maintaining municipal bylaws, and keeping accurate accounting records. The Administrator’s key role is to advise council and make recommendations on all facets of municipal operations while Council is responsible for making a final decision of such operations.

Administrator – Shala Kanasevich

Administrative Assistant – Karen Anderson

Assessment & Taxation

The RM of Francis uses the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) to calculate and update all assessments within the municipality. SAMA performs annual maintenance updates to properties showing an increase or decrease in assessment.

The provincial government mandates SAMA to conduct periodic revaluations of all Saskatchewan properties every four years to coincide with the change to a new base date.

More detailed information of property assessments throughout the province can be found at SAMA View.

Assessment Notices are mailed in the spring of each year for properties who saw a change in the valuation or for new owners.

Please watch the Quad-Town Forum for notices each spring for when the Assessment Roll is open to inspection; a 30-day appeal period applies for when the Assessment Roll is open (60-days in Revaluation years).

For more information on Assessment Appeals, please visit Assessment Appeals Guide.

SAMA has been mandated the responsibility for determining assessment values for all properties, while the task of setting property taxes belongs to municipal governments.

The relationship between assessment and taxes comes from the fact that municipal governments levy taxes as a “mill rate” that is charged as a proportion of a property’s assessment value.

Assessed Value (SAMA) X Percentage of Value & Exemptions (Province) X Mill Rates Education (Province) and *Municipalities (Local Governments) = Property Taxes (Tax Payer)

SAMA first determines the assessed value for the property. After that, a provincial government tax policy is applied. The policy multiplies a percentage formula against the assessed value, producing what is called the taxable value.

Provincial Property Classes and Percentage of Value:

Property Class Taxable Percentage
(A) Agriculture 55%
(N) Non-arable (Range) 45%
(R) Residential 80%
(C) Commercial 100%
(E) Elevators 100%
(P) Railway 100%

Municipal Property Tax Mill Rates

The municipal mill rates set for this tax year are as follows:

Property Class Mill Rate Mill Rate Factor
(A) Agriculture 4.7 mills 0.7
(R) Residential 4.7 mills 0.65
(C) Commercial/Industrial 4.7 mills 1.75

Mill Rate Factors

The RM of Francis uses mill rate factors to transfer some of the cost of public services from one property classification to another. All property in a municipality is classified as agricultural, residential or commercial / industrial. Mill rate factors essentially adjust the mill rate, with the result that the effective mill rate for a specific property classification may be higher or lower than other property classifications.

Education Property Tax Mill Rates

As of January 1, 2013 municipalities cannot apply discounts or incentives to education property tax.

Mill rates for education taxes are set by the Government of Saskatchewan. More information on the setting of education property tax mill rates can be found at Education Property Tax System.

The mill rates set for this tax year are as follows:

Property Class Mill Rate
(A) Agriculture 1.43 mills
(R) Residential 4.12 mills
(CO) Commercial/Industrial 6.27 mills
(CR) Resource (Oil, Gas, Pipelines, etc.) 9.68 mills

Property Tax Payments & Discounts

The deadline for payment of taxes is December 31st for the year levied.


  • 5% on or before August 31st
  • 5% on or before September 30th
  • 4% on or before October 31st
  • 2% on or before November 30th
  • 0% after November 30th


  • 5% if paid before October 1st
  • 4% if paid on or after October 1st but before November 1st
  • 2% if paid on or after November 1st but before December 1st

Late Payment penalties

Late payment penalties are added each month to property taxes that remain unpaid as of December 31st of each year, at the rate of 1.0% per month

Taxation in Rural Municipalities – Assessment Exemptions

If you occupy a dwelling in the RM of Francis, you may qualify for an exemption to reduce all or a portion of the taxable assessment on your principal dwelling, as per section 293 of The Municipalities Act.

The total taxable assessment of any agricultural land you own or lease located within the RM of Francis or in adjoining Saskatchewan rural municipalities will be applied to reduce your residential taxable assessment. An assessment can only be used to reduce residential taxable assessment once. Please complete the Residential Ag Exemption Form and return no later than March 1st of the tax year to receive the exemption.

Methods of Payment
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • E-transfer to [email protected]
  • Online only with Affinity, Conexus, Plainsview and Weyburn Credit Unions

In order to pay taxes online, please look for FRANCIS NO. 127 (RM) – TAXES as a payee and use your customer number located at the top of your tax notice as the account number. If your customer number is shorter than 4 digits, use zeros to prefix your account number—for example, if your account number is 127, you will enter 0127 as your account number.

Goods & Services Available

Notary Public
Notary Services are available at no cost to ratepayers; for non-ratepayers a charge per signature may be required. Please ensure to bring a piece of government-issued photo ID.

Tax Certificates
$10 per parcel

RM Maps
No charge to ratepayers
$15.00+GST non-ratepayers

Pest Control Products
Various poisons for the eradication of rats and mice are available at no charge to ratepayers
Not available to be sold to non-ratepayers

“Slow Watch For Children” signs may only be ordered through the RM Office and is at the cost of the ratepayer; consultation with the Division Councillor may be required to determine placement and location with already-present regulatory signage. Please contact the RM Office for the current cost and to discuss.

The RM may sell culverts to ratepayers at cost if we have some available for use in our inventory. Please inquire with the RM Office or your Division Councillor.

Tree Planter
The RM has two tree-planters available for use by ratepayers at no-charge but will require a $50 deposit and Development Permit Application Permit to be filled out before usage. Please contact the RM office at (306)245-3336 and leave a message if wishing to book it for a certain time.

Public Well
The RM of Francis operates a public well at SE 32-13-13 W2 with NON-POTABLE water and have recently switched to a fob-system for access. At this time, access to the well is charged at $120.00 for two years. Please visit the RM Office to be issued a fob.

Custom Work
Custom Work which includes grading, mowing or conducting snow removal on private lanes is available to ratepayers only when an agreement form has been completed and submitted prior by the landowner affected, at the rates set by Council each year.

Work will only be conducted when the equipment and operators are in the area.
Any unpaid custom work invoices will be added to the property taxes on December 31st.

Please complete the attached Custom Work Agreement Form and return to the RM Office – no custom work will be conducted until receipt of the signed form.