The road maintenance crew consists of a compliment of both annual and seasonal operators who are responsible for the maintenance of the RM’s expansive road network throughout the year with additional duties of road construction projects and applying gravel on the roads.

Overweight & Primary Weight Permits

Apart from the 708 (Francis) Grid designated as Clearing the Path, all roads within the RM of Francis are classed as secondary weight throughout the year with the exception of Spring Road Ban season and when by Council resolution, Primary Weight Permits may be issued. All haulers who intend to haul above the specified weight designation are required to contact the RM Office to get a permit for the municipal roads therein.

Overweight permits are only issued during spring road bans for indivisible loads with other conditions to be met.

Primary weight travel on RM of Francis roads is only allowed when carrying a current permit issued by the RM.

Road Maintenance Agreements

Please call the office to request a road maintenance agreement (RMA) 306-245-3256