Meet the Council

Council’s responsibility is to make decisions about municipal services, establish policies and provide direction for the operation of the municipality in a manner which encourages participation in the governance process. Each member of Council when elected signs an Oath of Office and is accountable by Bylaw 2016-02 Council Procedures Bylaw and by Bylaw 2016-07 Code of Ethics Bylaw.


Position Name Email
Reeve Richard Morley [email protected]
Division 1 Councillor Ernie Gutzke [email protected]
Division 2 Councillor Barret Gaetz [email protected]
Division 3 Councillor Darren Solie [email protected]
Division 4 Councillor Patrick Poissant [email protected]
Division 5 Councillor Daryl Hoffman [email protected]
Division 6 Councillor David Schaeffer [email protected]

Please contact the RM office for a contact phone number for your Division Councillor or refer to the newsletter  click here 2020 Newsletter