The RM makes available a dust control program each spring for ratepayers requesting the suppressant applied in front of their residences.

Dust control shall not be applied on RM road allowances by individuals, but will be coordinated and billed as custom work by the RM.
Council will generally approve the use magnesium chloride for dust control; however, other products may be utilized if deemed safe and cost-effective.

The following terms and conditions must be met in order to qualify to have the dust suppressant applied:

  • The residence must be physically located within 300 feet of the road in order to be eligible.
  • The ratepayer will be responsible for the full cost of the application that is non-refundable if the suppressant becomes ineffective.
  • An indemnity agreement (see below) must be signed prior to receiving dust control. Sites treated may become rough or may develop potholes so if a road reaches a state where the condition of the driving surface poses a danger to the traveling public, the RM will grade the road which may render the dust control ineffective.
  • The location of where the dust suppressant is to be applied will be done by consultation between the Division Councillor and the requesting ratepayer.

If the Division Councillor determines that the road requested is not in condition to sustain a dust control application, no dust control will be applied.

A typical site-size for application is approximately 200 meters x 5 meters (650 feet x 16 feet) that would require 2,000 litres of magnesium chloride. The site-size measurements are provided only to anticipate the estimated litres—you will be invoiced based on the metered reading provided to the RM by the Contractor and invoiced at the rate set that year, plus applicable sales taxes.
Application forms will be distributed by mail-drop each year the program is made available