Disclaimer: “The RM of Francis No. 127 updates their website as needed to provide access to RM related information, please confirm with the RM  for official records and/or development requirements.”   


It is important that you connect with the RM office to see if a Development permit application and/or Building permit is required for your project!  An in-person consultation for planning and development related projects may not be mandatory, but highly recommended when not familiar with the development and building process.

Please allow sufficient time for your application and/or Building permits to be processed.  It is the responsibility of the landowner/applicant to adhere to all Government departments, Provincial Authority or Municipal bylaws.




  • A development permit is always required for any building or development and it acknowledges the use of land and buildings and its compliance with the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw.  An approved development permit is required in most instances in order to begin developing your property.  A building permit will not be approved until such time a development permit has been issued.
  • The municipality will review the application to ensure compliance with all municipal bylaws.  Failure to obtain a permit or violation of municipal bylaws may result in significant fines and additional expenses.
  • Demolition and removal of buildings require a permit, please check with the RM office

Permitted Use Applications

  • Permitted uses are intended to be appropriate for the Zoning District in which they are listed and do not have major impacts on adjacent land uses.  The Development Officer will review and approve these applications in consultation with the RM Council.

Discretionary Use Applications

  • Discretionary uses may have one or more potential features or effects that initiate review.  Discretionary use development permits are reviewed under a set of evaluation criteria included in the Zoning Bylaw.
  • Discretionary use applications will also be circulated to all assessed landowners within a 1-mile radius of the subject property to provide an opportunity for surrounding landowners to provide comments or questions.
  • Council will consider the application as well as any written or verbal landowner responses received during the process.  Council has the ability to approve with conditions or refuse a discretionary use application.
  • Note: applications involving rezoning and subdivision, are subject to additional fees.  All associated development costs are the responsibility of the developer/property owner.
  • Make sure to submit your plan ahead of time as a development and building permits can take weeks to receive approval depending on the quality of the information provided.

To apply for a development permit application, please click on the link below, print and return to the RM office.  Incomplete forms may delay the processing time.  Permits may require Council consultation and may require approval at the next Council meeting, it is important to plan accordingly.  If you are applying for an Building Permit exemption due to AG operations, fill out the form below and return it to the RM office with your permit application.

RM Development Permit Application

RM Development Permit Sample Of Site Drawing

AGRICULTURAL EXEMPTION for AG Buildings Farm Building Exemption (Dec 2023) Fillable



The RM has appointed Building Officials (PBI) Professional Building Inspections, Inc. to ensure compliance with the National Building Code of Canada, The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act and the RM of Francis No. 127 Building Bylaw 2019-14. All Building Permits require a development permit approval before a Building permit will be issued. 

Please be advised that demolition and removal of buildings may require a permit, please call the RM office.

A Pre-Move Inspection may be required as all buildings moved into the RM must meet the NBC (National Building Code), contact your RM to discuss if a ‘Request for Inspection’ is required.

1. RM Development Permit – A Development Permit approval is required prior to approval of a Building Permit issued by the RM 

2. PBI Farm AG Building Exemption FORM  – If your building is AG or Farm related, it may have not require a building permit. Please read carefully and If the building is for Agricultural Operations and you are requesting an exemption from a building permit, you must fill out this form. If an AG exemption does apply, you will not be required to continue with the Building permit process below, please contact the RM office for any questions after reviewing the AG exemption requirements.

3. RM FORM A Building Permit ApplicationThis is the RM Building Permit Application to be filled out in addition to the Development Permit application.

4. Visit PBI Professional Building Inspectors Website for all necessary forms and information required for your project www.pro-inspections.ca

Sign and complete all forms and return to the RM office.

Other related Agency Information that may be important for your project below:

Agency SaskPower Home Owner Renovations And Landscaping Quick Reference Guide

Agency Sask Power Preventing Interference With SaskPower Lines And Equipment

Agency RQHR Sewage Disposal Guide

Water Security Agency – Weyburn Regional Office

319 – 110 Souris Avenue
Weyburn, SK S4H 2Z8
Phone: 306.848.2345
Fax: 306.848.2356

Saskatchewan Health Authority – Regina Qu’Appelle
SGI Permit Office

Toll free in Saskatchewan: 1-800-667-7575

Sask 1st Call

Phone: 1-866-828-4888

Sask Waste Reduction Council

Emergency Phone Number: 1-888-7000-GAS (427)
General Information: 1-800-567-8899


Report an Outage
Phone: 310-2220


Report an Telephone Outage
Call 611 from a SaskTel phone or 1-800-SASKTEL (727-5835) from any other phone


Any work within 90 metres of a provincial highway right-of-way requires a permit. Setbacks will depend on the type of work being proposed along with where the work is located. Upon application, we will be able to provide site specific requirements.  https://www.saskatchewan.ca/business/transportation-and-road-construction/apply-for-a-roadside-development-permit


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